Friday, March 23, 2018

Sachwitz Sentinel #25

Friday, March 23, 2018

  • Half Day: Thursday, March 29th (noon dismissal)
  • Spring Break:  Friday, March 30-Sunday April 8th.
  • WMU football players come to read!: Tuesday, March 27th 

Thank you Mrs. Milliman and Mrs. Ray for reading to us this week!  

We had fun dressing as our favorite book character and/or sharing our favorite books today!  Here are some highlights...

Join your Lake Center friends at Culver's on Monday evening!

Image result for OLSAT

OLSAT testing took place this week.  Most of us loved these brain puzzles and were excited about solving them.  Here is an example of the types of questions/ analogies the students will analyze. We have been working on analogies during our morning work practice.  This test will be used to determine any students who may be qualified for the E-squared program that begins in 3rd grade.  Should you have any questions about this, please contact Jenny Taffee (269-323-5090) at the E-Squared office, which is located inside Portage Central High School.

Image result for OLSATImage result for OLSAT

There will be no blog next week due to the short week.  I wish you all a very wonderful, relaxing, and fun-filled spring break!  I will see your child back at school ready to dive in to learning on Monday, April 10th!  

Would you please let me know if your child will be missing any days next week due to an early departure for break?  Thank you so much!!

Language Arts

Walk Like a Penguin!

We will take a break from our reading series next week to work on penguin research and informational writings.  There will be no spelling list next week:)


We completed our End of Module Assessment of addition/subtraction within 1,000 yesterday.  

I have included the Math Tips for parents for Module 6, which we will begin next week also.  Module 6 lays the foundation for multiplication and division and begins to present the ideas that numbers can be represented in multiples ways other than 1's, 10's, and 100's.

April 19th, 6:00-7:30

Please note; all students and families are invited to attend. 
 Your child is invited to showcase one of our STEM/PLTW projects that we have designed in class.  We want to reassure you that all you need to do is bring your child and enjoy the event.  All preparation for this will take place in class during the school day.    

If your family simply wants to come and browse without showcasing a project, that is just fine, too!  We will have presenters in various areas of the school, as well as a maker-space area for simple hands-on STEM projects.

For our planning purposes, we would like to know your plans for the evening.  I have attached a copy of the permission slip.  Please return it by Thursday, April 12th Please let me know if you would like a hard copy sent home on Monday.  

We hope to see you here!

Thank you so much!

Permission Slip


We spent time this week observing the lack of progress in our seed plantings.  Due to the cold weather, none of them have shown signs of growth.  Today, we plugged in grow lights and planted new seeds!  Our fingers are crossed that we'll something exciting on Monday. 
 We did move on to our next activity, which was reviewing Properties of Matter where we explored utensils and rated them on strength, hardness, flexibility, and absorbency.  Next week, we will begin the design process for our project.  In this module, we are challenged with designing a device that will disperse multiple seeds over a vast area.  We will pay close attention to biomimicry, which relates the form and function of objects in nature as they pertain to the inspiration of man made objects that perform similar tasks.  Our goal is to showcase these models during our STEM Showcase night on Thursday, April 19th.  

We refer to the questions:  how does the form and function of items found in nature influence the design of man-made objects?

Photos from the week...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Sachwitz Sentinel #24

Friday, March 16, 2018


Image result for ALICE trainingThank you to those who followed up our classroom discussion at home.  Your children had great ideas on how to keep us safe at school and I believe our lesson gave us a sense of empowerment and control.  If at any time, you have questions or concerns, please let me know.  Please continue to remind that one of the most important jobs they have as responsible students is to listen to their teachers.  

Please feel free to attend the parent meeting that was just scheduled!

ALICE/School Safety Elementary Parent Meeting
Tuesday, March 20, 2018 - 6:30-8:30PM
Portage Northern High School Auditorium

We continue to learn together how to choose kindness with one another and to accept and appreciate all of our differences which make us unique and special.  These next few months we will continue to build that classroom community and celebrate each other's successes through our new VIP Program, role playing, and acknowledgement of academic achievements such as Lexia levels, Xtramath levels, and IXL skill mastery, among many more!  

Tonight!!!!  It's sure to be an amazing event!

Scholastic Book order will be submitted on Wednesday, March 28th

Class code:  PH2LG

online catalog

Thank you for sending in pencils!
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Thank you 
Mrs. Piotter, Mrs. Rutten, and Mrs. Muha
for reading to us!

St. Patrick's Day fun...

We had fun with Louie the Leprechaun this week!  We used a STEM activity to make leprechaun catchers!  Alas, he was too fast for us and we were unable to catch a glimpse of him. 

We wrote our first poem this week!  It was a cinquain that described our leprechaun!  The children enjoyed creating their pots of gold also!  Look for those to come home this week.

Language Arts

This week: During the next few weeks, we will be exploring the theme Changes, Changes Everywhere. We will read about babies that grow up, making new friends, how plants grow—even how goat wool gets changed into a rug! As we read, we will explore the Big Idea “Living things change over time. ”During this first week, we read Penguin Chick, about emperor penguins and how they raise their babies. This selection gave us information to use as we think about the question “How do you know which facts are important?

This week’s…

Target Vocabulary: finally, junior, otherwise, slippery, steer, waterproof, webbed, whistle

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels er (father), ir (bird), ur (nurse)

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details—tell important ideas and details about a topic

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/predict—use text clues to figure out important ideas


Lesson 11/12: Choose and explain solution strategies and record with a written addition method.

Lesson 13:  I can relate manipulative representations to the subtraction algorithm, and use addition to explain why the subtraction method works.

Lesson 16/17:  I can subtract from multiples of 100 and from numbers with zero in the tens place.

In addition, this week week took our mid-module assessment on multi-digit addition and subtraction.  We will wrap up Module 5 next week and will begin Module 6 which focuses on introducing concepts needed for multiplication.  Keep reviewing subtraction with bundling with your child.  In addition, Xtramath practice is helping us improve our fact fluency.  Keep up the great work at home on these!

I have included the Math Tips for parents for Module 6, which we will begin next week also.  Module 6 lays the foundation for multiplication and division and begins to present the ideas that numbers can be represented in multiples ways other than 1's, 10's, and 100's.

Module 6 Math Tips for Parents


This week we explored pollination and the life cycle of plants.  We finished the week by planting seeds which we will examine over a period of days.  We will finish our module by using the design process to make a seed dispersal model which we will test for speed and dispersal amount.  Look for these models at our 2nd annual LCE Stem Showcase which will take place on April 19th!  Stay tuned for more details on that!

Learning about Pollination

Pollinating Flowers

Seed Planting